The mission of the Fairlawn BMV is to serve our customers as efficiently and courteously as possible while also adhering to the policies and laws set forth by The State of Ohio. The Fairlawn BMV has been under new ownership since 2009 and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

License Renewal
Made Easy

We now accept reinstatement fees and documents at our location. You may qualify for a reinstatement fee installment plan. You must owe at least $150.00 in reinstatement fees, have met all other reinstatement requirements, have current proof of insurance, not have a pending suspension, and not currently be on a court ordered fee payment plan. For more information go to

Ohio E-Check
Ohio EPA

• Cars 4 years an older must have an E-Check
• First time you register your vehicle that is 4 years or older you must have valid E-check
• After that every 2 years you must have an E-Check
• Odd year vehicles are checked in odd years
• Even year vehicles are checked in even years

E-Check Link 


Fairlawn BMV offers customers the convenience of a title courier service. For a fee, the license bureau will obtain a new Ohio title on your behalf. When your title is in, stop by, pick it up and get your vehicle registered. The title courier service is cash only. The closest Summit County Clerk of Courts title bureau is located a 1030 E. Tallmadge Ave.

Acceptable Documents List

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 P: 330.867.1101